I came to live in Torrox, Costa Del Sol six years ago. The main reason was one of health. I had a few issues I was dealing with and most of my research was unfortunately pointing to my diet. I had slipped into the lazy supermarket culture and when I assessed just how much goodness I was NOT absorbing it made me re-think everything. I started on a healthier path with the intake of more vitamins and the elimination of lots of chemicals and preservatives. I tried to do as much organic as I could but found this to be a bit of a luxury due to its high pricing. Obviously coming from the North West of England I was also lacking in sunshine and vitamin D. There wasn’t much I could do about that however.

My wife and I had discussed for many years moving to Southern Spain and the research I was doing at that moment was influencing the move to that new life. Anyway to cut the story short we made the transition and my health has never been as good.

Everything is so easy here to obtain. Lots of the fruit and vegetables are gifts from my neighbours who have land in the campo. I have regular deliveries of fresh food which are left hanging on my gate and have travelled only a kilometre or so. There are Organic markets and shops and even the supermarket food has much less preservatives in. I bought myself a juicer and have daily juices of whatever is in season. I love this aspect of eating only what is fresh and growing at the moment. One week we have an abundance of figs and then the next thing we are inundated with nisperos (kumquats) and oranges. We kind of eat in season with what nature is providing at that time. Combined with the constant availability of sunshine I am personally on a constant high.

There is also an abundance of yoga, tai chi, and many other therapies to enhance the overall wellbeing. As I stated previously it is the naturalness and simplicity of pursuing this healthier way of life that appeals to me. And I’m really only scratching the surface of what is available. As I sharpen up one area of my life it leads me to look at other areas. Andalucía for me is the perfect place for health, happiness, and an extended life of quality and joy. NO REGRETS!